The day of Reena Tenenbaum and Josh Vinegar’s wedding, I was responsible to help Bubby get ready for the wedding. We were together for a good few hours, getting our hair done at Agnes and our makeup done at Bubby’s. Then we got changed, took selfies and were on our way.

Thing is I didn’t really know how to get to the hall and Bubby and I both knew this. The whole way Bubby was impressed by me while simultaneously nervous we’d never actually make it to the simcha. I did end up missing the turn onto the highway and so we drove all the way up on regular roads, but we made it and Bubby’s relief was expressed through her repeated mention of how geshikt I was.

But really it was Bubby who was geshikt. Here’s how:

Arriving at the hairdresser before she's even opened. No prob, we can just chill in the sun.

We arrived at the hairdresser way too early, before she even opened. No problem, we just relaxed in the sun.

Regal Bubby

Regal Bubby, ready for the wedding

Ready to go

Bubby and granddaughter

Hanging out with the men

Hanging out with the men before the badekin

Excited at the badekin

Excited at the badekin

Marching with Yonatan

Marching with Yonatan

Family picture - what naches

Family picture – what naches

Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

Ready to go home...

Ready to go home… In the Rolls Royce

A day or so later we went to Starbucks together. She initially wasn't so keen but ordered a muffin and a coffee and seemed quite pleased.

A day or so later I decided to take Bubby to Starbucks. She didn’t think it was a particularly good idea but went along with it. After ordering her coffee and muffin, though, she seemed quite pleased (I hope).

To think this is only just over two years before Bubby passed away. She and we were very blessed to have her in such good shape for so long.