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A memorial for Bubby



Divrei Preida

Mom, these are my דברי פרידה to you, even though it is difficult to think about parting from you. My sibs and I are so fortunate to have had an idyllic childhood in Kitchener. This was so much because of… Continue Reading →

This one’s for you, Mom…

I came all of this way to be here to give Bubbie the sendoff that she deserves.  While flying here today , I decided to put on a movie that Mom would and did love. So I put on Bing… Continue Reading →

Zeit Gezunt, Bubby. Love You. Hugs and Kisses.

My dear Bubby, our dear Bubby. The bubby of so many more people than your actual biological offspring, I have always told you that you are the most romantic person I know. You loved your husbands, your kids, your grandkids,… Continue Reading →

My Divrei Preida (parting words) from Bubby at her funeral

We do not say hespedim on chagim like Chanuka because we are not supposed to be very sad on these days. Our rabbi from Maaleh Hazeitim, Rav Refael Shnur, said that when someone is niftar on chagim it’s like they… Continue Reading →

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