Good Morning to You

Crossing the Road

When you cross the road by day or night,
Beware of the danger that you meet in sight.
Look to the left and look to the right,
And you’ll never ever get run ooooover.

Woodpecker Song

He’s up each morning bright and early,
To sing to all the neighborhood.
To bring to every boy and girly,
His happy serenade on wood.

Hear him peckin’ on the melody,
Peck peck peckin’ on the same ol’ tree,
He’s as happy as a bumble bee,
All day long.

To serenade your lady,
Just find a tree that’s shady,
And when you hear that
Sing right along.

Come on and hear that rhythm,
And let your heart beat with ’em,
For when you hear that
Happy little woodpecker song!

The Picnic Song

Were you ever on a picnic,
Where the summer skies are blue,
And the green grass for a table,
And for table cloth too.

With the platters made of oak leaves,
Tied together with a string,
And the cups made out of birch bark,
You can drink from the spring.

Picking flowers picking berries,
Till the good things all are spread,
Eating dinner in the sunshine,
While the birds sing o’er head.

The Swing Song

The Rain Song

Sunshine of Your Smile

Pachee pachee kichelach

Que Sera Sera

This was a lovely way to spend an evening (

Come Around Any Ol’ Time

Aremdem Fire

Shluf Mein Feigele

Oyfin pripichok