cropped-bubby.jpgGitel Rosensweig, otherwise known as Ma, Bubby, Aunty Gitel, Rebbetzin and The Rebbetzin, but mainly as “Bubby” to many more people than her actual grandkids, was a force to be dealt with in her 85 years on this earth. Those of us who came into contact with her, whether in passing, as friends of her family members, members of the Kitchener community or as close family or friends, found ourselves moved by her strength, her charisma, her faith, her humor, her laugh and, most of all, her love.

This is the place to share your thoughts, memories and feelings about Bubby who is now, as she would say, smiling down on us from shamayim.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact Miriam Schwab¬†or Deena Levenstein.

May we shine as much as Bubby did.

Beautiful photo by Tsipora Besencon