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A memorial for Bubby

Article: Being a mother, rabbi’s wife a blessing

In an online interview three years ago, 82-year-old Gitel Rosensweig was asked by the interviewer, who happened to be her son Avrum, “how do you look back at your life?” Beautiful, stylishly dressed and oozing life, Gitel explained: “God inspired… Continue Reading →

Honey Belen’s Speech at Shloshim Siyum

“Once upon a time there were two little girls who did everything together…” – from skipping school together in grade 1 to eventually marrying two brothers. Aunty Gitel used to start all her speeches that way when she would speak… Continue Reading →

Divrei Preida

Mom, these are my דברי פרידה to you, even though it is difficult to think about parting from you. My sibs and I are so fortunate to have had an idyllic childhood in Kitchener. This was so much because of… Continue Reading →

This one’s for you, Mom…

I came all of this way to be here to give Bubbie the sendoff that she deserves.  While flying here today , I decided to put on a movie that Mom would and did love. So I put on Bing… Continue Reading →

Zeit Gezunt, Bubby. Love You. Hugs and Kisses.

My dear Bubby, our dear Bubby. The bubby of so many more people than your actual biological offspring, I have always told you that you are the most romantic person I know. You loved your husbands, your kids, your grandkids,… Continue Reading →

You’re so geshikt!

The day of Reena Tenenbaum and Josh Vinegar’s wedding, I was responsible to help Bubby get ready for the wedding. We were together for a good few hours, getting our hair done at Agnes and our makeup done at Bubby’s. Then… Continue Reading →

Avrum interview

Avrum, I’m very sorry for your loss and I’m so pleased to see you have shared a copy of the interview we shot at our studio of you interviewing your Mom. It was a very special interview and day at… Continue Reading →

Donations in Memory of Rebbetzin Gitel Rosensweig

My dear bubby always cared so much to help out those in need. Growing up poor she always empathised with those who had less then her. She also had a great connection to the land of Israel and the people… Continue Reading →

Coffee and Apples

When Bubby used to come visit us in Israel when we lived on Nili, she and I would sit out on our little balcony overlooking the street. We would sit out there talking about any exciting exploits I had in… Continue Reading →

My gorgeous Bubby who was bigger than life has left this world.

I made it in time to say goodbye to my Bubby

How I jumped on a plane with a few hours notice and as a result had the zchut (privilege) to see Bubby and be with her in her final moments.

My First Love – by Bubby

My First Love was written by Gitel and read by her at a reading evening on the topic of “love and lack thereof” by Deena at Tmol Shilshom. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This is what… Continue Reading →

Interviewing Rebbetzin Gitel Rosensweig (aka Bubby) about her life – Part I [VIDEO]

The only Rebbetzin I’ve ever had

Our Bubby was dedicated to the Jewish people, and after our Zaidy Rabbi Phyvle Rosensweig passed away, she dedicated a museum about the 1929 massacres in Hebron’s Jewish Community. You can read more about those massacres, and about our Bubby… Continue Reading →

A Rabbi, Rebbetzin, A Boy & A Biker (On Teaching Tikun Olam)

A Rabbi, Rebbetzin, A Boy & A Biker (On Teaching Tikun Olam), by Avrum Rosensweig

A Rabbi, Rebbetzin, A Boy & A Biker (On Teaching Tikun Olam), by Avrum Rosensweig

Bubby’s Obituary from Steeles Memorial Chapel in Toronto

Bubby's obituary at Steeles Memorial Chapel

Bubby’s obituary at Steeles Memorial Chapel

My Divrei Preida (parting words) from Bubby at her funeral

We do not say hespedim on chagim like Chanuka because we are not supposed to be very sad on these days. Our rabbi from Maaleh Hazeitim, Rav Refael Shnur, said that when someone is niftar on chagim it’s like they… Continue Reading →

Bubby’s son Avrum interviewed Bubby about her life [VIDEO]

Since Bubby passed, I have been longing to see her sweet face (that’s what she would always say to us). I remembered this video, and found it. It really captures Bubby’s personality and essence. Hear from the camera man, David… Continue Reading →

A synopsis of Bubby’s amazing life

I posted the following on Facebook after Bubby passed away, and it reached a lot of people.

The Rebbetzin

I was saddened to hear from my childhood friend Etti that her mother had passed away. It has been decades since I last saw the woman I fondly referred to as “the Rebbetzin” but I will always remember her as… Continue Reading →

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